Our story.

Raw Vengeance Games is a young yet highly qualified development team situated in Germany. We came together as a development team in 2014, and founded our company in 2016. Our overall motivation is to act as a game studio that caters to the suggestions and criticisms of our beloved community as much as possible all the while bringing you fantastic games handcrafted with love and passion.

We aspire to bring you hours of endless entertainment and fun by providing you with the games you want.

Our adventure.

A company. 2016

Recently founded as a company, our company consists of well-educated, talented developers from all four corners of the world, working hard for free on our first game, Renegade Line, a game that is promised to see Alpha before the end of 2016.

Founded. 2014

Raw Vengeance Games was originally founded by three former gamers who felt disconnected from the developers of the games they loved. As a result they decided to build their own game, vowing to be as user-friendly and community-devoted as at all possible.

Our team.

Christoph Fricke

Managing Director

Paul Kliem

Managing Director

Johannes Radtke

Managing Director

Yuan Hao "Danny" Li


Dominik Reisner

UE4 Engineer

Paulo Afonso

UE4 Engineer

Carsten Zey

UE4 Engineer

Vlad Ostapenko

3D Artist

Jeremias Meister

3D Artist

Markus Kiesewetter

3D Artist

Leander Lehmenkühler

Graphic Designer

Ryan Mahaffey

Level Designer

Kieran Gunessee

Sound Designer

David Monteiro

3D Animator

Nico Mack

2D Concept Artist

Julian Meister

Marketing Manager

Eliot Hardt

Community Manager

Christopher Pechau

Marketing Assistant

Jyri Aaltonen

Community Manager

Max Jung

Video Designer

Our games.

We are an independent studio, we create games the way we want it, with love and passion. Since we are dedicated gamers ourselves, we know exactly what our community likes.


Got what it takes?

Here at Raw Vengeance Games we are always searching for talented and passionate people. We try our best to challenge ourselves in order to create new and inspiring worlds and take the gaming experience to the next level.

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Get in touch.

Got some questions or do you have an awesome idea? Or maybe it's something else? Feel free to contact us at any time. We take customer service very seriously and strive to reply within 24 hours.

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